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More Leads, More Money

Easily attract all the Google search traffic and see your business grow like never before.

You have hundreds—possibly thousands—of potential customers Googling for you right now.

So why don’t you have the leads to show for it? 

It could be because you’re not using the right keywords.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) determines where your website appears in search results. When you have that coveted #1 spot, it’s estimated that your site gets roughly 40% of search traffic. 

Want this to be your business?

Keywords are the key

Before your business can be #1 in search results, you need to implement the right keywords.

These are the words or phrases someone types into a search bar. It could look like a:


“how do I rank higher on Google”


“rank higher on Google” or

“be number 1 on Google”


“ramk higher wit Gooogle”

Would you believe me if I told you that all the above phrases could be valid keywords for a business that offers SEO services?

Let’s discover yours

Your business has its own unique list of keywords it can rank for. Sometimes, ranking for a keyword will be easy.

Other times, it will take a more hands-on approach from KaeRae Marketing. 

Either way, your business will start to attract new leads like never before.

Here's what our SEO Package includes:

1. Audit: From your current rank to your content, I’ll familiarize myself with your business.
Keyword research: Time to clarify search terms you can rank well for.
Implementation: Everything is set up for you through KaeRae Marketing.
Results: Receive detailed feedback about where your investment is going.

Slow and steady wins at SEO

Search Engine Optimization isn’t an overnight fix for your business. But as your website gains authority and credibility through great keywords, Google takes notice. And your business is rewarded with a higher ranking.

As you approach that coveted #1 spot, you’ll start to enjoy a steady stream of targeted organic traffic.

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Pro Tips for SEO

When you want a better search ranking, here’s where you can start.


Your page tags should have one keyword focus for your whole page.


Your most popular keywords will help your overall SEO strategy succeed.


Build credibility with positive star reviews on Google Business listings.


Most people search with their mobile devices. And require things to be done quickly.


Educate your audience within a blog. This allows for more pages with more keywords.


We can help. Click here.

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