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Empower yourself with the answers to your marketing and Google questions. If you have additional questions, contact us for additional support or book a call.

  • What is SEO?
    SEO is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. But still what does that mean...? SEO put simply is the ranking in which Google (or other search engines) read your website and decide which keywords you will rank for. There are over 200 different SEO factors that impact where your website ranks online, for any given keyword.
  • What should be considered when starting a marketing campaign?
    1. Who is your audience? 2. What is the message of this campaign? 3. What do you expect to get from this campaign? 4. Where is my business being found the most? 5. Are there any unique ways to showcase my business?
  • How much does it cost to use Google tools?
    All Google tools are free to use! Sign up for a free Gmail account and you will be able to sign up for all of the Google tools listed below. Google My Business Google Search Console Google Analytics Google Tag Manager YouTube Google Drive Google Photos Google Docs Google Sheets Google Forms Google Calendar
  • What is the best way to generate more leads?
    We recommend using your own business website past data to determine what would be the best strategy or source of your leads. This will give us a better idea of how to prioritize your marketing campaigns. Excellent strategies to get more leads for your business, all depending on your industry. Google Ads or Paid Ads SEO YouTube Ads
  • What is a conversion?
    It is a valuable action done by a website user that engages with your business. Such as, phone call contact form request a quote sign up or subscribe purchase book a session Any of these conversions can be tracked within Google Analytics. Prioritize your conversions to focus on different strategies to get the most of those conversions.
  • Do I really need a blog?
    A blog can be a fast track to getting your website ranked higher organically (or with SEO). A blog offers the opportunity to write a different post for each specific keyword or search query you want to rank for. It is important to focus on just one keyword per blog post. And include that keyword as much as possible into the post content, alt tags, title tag, and meta description. One blog posts a month is a great place to start. Use Google Search Console to find the keywords you need to improve your rank for.
  • Should I create a post on my Google Business listing?
    Yes, this can help Google understand your business even more. It also offers an opportunity to show off a bit more about your business. Such as, a promotion you have going on, a seasonal service or product, a video, an event, and more.
  • How to get a new review on Google Business?
    Getting a star rating for your Google Business Listing is important, it gets you to stand out and build credibility from your past customers. It only requires one review to get a star rating. Your listing will have a customized profile link to share with your recent customers to request a Google Review.
  • What does the the Google Business listing look like?
  • How many reviews do I need?
    4 Reviews. You need at least 4 to 5 reviews and ratings for these to appear in Google search results. Start to focus on getting just 4 reviews for your business information can appear on Google search.
  • What is Google My Business?
    It is a Free Google Listing to showcase your business information when someone searches your business name in Google. And when searched for Local Businesses in the Map section, your Google My Business Listing will be shown.
  • How do I verify my Google My Business Listing?
    You must verify your Google My Business listing. This will ensure that you can keep the information updated and accurate. You can verify your listing by finding your listing on Google Search. And click "Claim This Listing". You will be required to get a verification code from Google, via Mailed Postcard, Phone Call (to the number on your listing), or send an email. A new option for the verification process is a Video Call to verify your address with signage, equipment and the owner's face.
  • What can Google Analytics track?
    All of your website visitors actions, such as The pages they viewed How long they stayed Where they found your website The device they used while on your site If they completed a form or contacted you Their geographic area
  • What is Google Analytics?
    This is a free Google tool that you can implement onto your website to track your users behaviors on each page of your site.
  • Why do I need Google Analytics?
    Using Google Analytics to track the traffic and engagement on your website. If you do not have it set up, you will not be able to review the data and make educated business decisions. I recommend using Google Analytics to decide where you should focus your marketing efforts. You can learn so much about your audience from their actions on your site. Not just that, you will find out what is working and what is not on your site. Look at your Google Analytics data every quarter.
  • What is the difference between UA and GA4?
    UA = Universal Analytics GA4 = is a newer version of Google Analytics, released October 2020. There are three major differences between UA and GA4. The first difference is how users are tracked. In UA, users are tracked via sessions (or set periods that encompass everything a user does on your site). The second difference is the reporting. In UA, there are several set reports with some customizations possible. GA4 has only top-level reports built in, and if you want specific reports, the analysis tab is the place to go. This gives you greater freedom in how your reports look and lets you drill down to the data that’s most important to you. The third difference is how they’re set up. UA uses a property and view setup while GA4 allows you to mix data from your apps and website. This happens through a single property and Google Analytics’ data streams. Source:
  • How do I install Google Analytics onto my website?
    First you will need to sign up for Google Analytics, start by going to Here are the instructions to create a UA & GA4 account. CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Choose your website platform to view the instructions WordPress Wix SquareSpace GoDaddy Shopify
  • What information can Google Analytics capture?
    Google Analytics uses cookies to track the users behavior on and off your website. It can collect data on your users behavior Source of where they found your site The time they spent on your site Devices used Pages viewed Geographic location Conversion actions New vs Returning user Total Sessions & Average Pages Viewed each session
  • What is a keyword?
    A keyword is what a user searches online to look for something. AKA; search query
  • Where are the Google Ads?
    There are several types of Google Ads. Search Text Ads - can be found at the top and bottom of each Google search page. Search Call Only Ads - can be seen at the top of Google search, for only mobile users that can click on the ad and start dialing your business phone number. Display Image Ads - can be found on over 2 million websites across the web that partner with Google to show ads in designated spaces and sizes. YouTube Video Ads - can be seen as a commercial style ad before a YouTube video plays. Local Services Ads - can be seen above all other ads, showcasing the business star rating, total reviews, and phone #
  • What is a landing page?
    A landing page is where the user goes on your website when they click on your ad. This page should be chosen specifically to relate to the keyword the user searched.
  • What is CPC?
    Cost-Per-Click. CPC describes the bidding strategy for Google Ads. There is a cost for each click that your ad gets. The competitiveness and other bidders for a specific keyword will designate how much the cost is.
  • What does a Google Search Ad look like, with ad extensions?
  • What is the ad auction?
    There are 3 main factors in the ad auction which determines the order of ads appear. 1. Your Bid - setting your bid maximum will tell Google how much you are willing to spend on a click. You end up paying only 1₵ more than the ad below you. 2. Your Ads - you need to have quality ad language that matches your keywords and the copy on your landing page. They all must be relevant for Google to see you are offering a good experience for the user if they click your ad. 3. You Ad Extensions - Google encourages using all of the ad extensions made available. Providing the user all the information about your business to help them choose your ad over others.
  • What should you write in your ad?
    You should explain what sets your business apart from your competitors. Share quick phrases that will show your business value. Ex: Free Shipping, Locally Owned, Serving Rochester, NY, Licensed & Insured, etc.
  • Are Google Ads and Google AdWords the same?
    Yes, Google AdWords became Google Ads on July 24, 2018.
  • How do you target with Google Ads?
    There are several different targeting your audience with Google Ads. 1. By Keyword 2. By Geographic Location 3. By Demographics 4. By Behaviors & Interests (homeowners, pet lover, just married, etc.) 5. By Websites They Visit 6. If they visited your website before
  • What can I learn from Google Search Console?
    You can find how many clicks and impressions your website received for each keyword your website ranks for. The average position your website ranks is available too.
  • How do I verify my website with Search Console?
    Begin by visiting Choose your website platform to view the instructions WordPress Wix SquareSpace GoDaddy Shopify
  • Why should I use Search Console?
    Google Search Console can show you where your organic keyword ranking or page ranking could be improved. There are several ongoing SEO strategies you can manage to do on your own. An example would be to write a blog post every week about a specific keyword you need to improve your organic ranking for.
  • How does Search Console effect my SEO?
    Search Console is a tool that can help you learn the keywords that have the lowest rank but the most impressions. These keywords are the best opportunities for your SEO strategy and website. Use the low performing but highly searched search queries to focus on in your upcoming blog posts.
  • What is a sitemap?
    A site map is a list of pages of a web site within a domain. There are three primary kinds of site map: Site maps used during the planning of a Web site by its designers. Human-visible listings, typically hierarchical, of the pages on a site. Structured listings intended for web crawlers such as search engines. Source:
  • What is Google Search Console?
    This is a Google tool that allows you to measure your website's organic search traffic. View the overall performance, clicks, impressions & position data, fix any link issues and start seeing your website improve in Google Search organic results and ranking.
  • What can I do with Google Tag Manager?
    You can track more extensively the actions completed on your website. Google Analytics has some limitations on what actions it can track. Use Google Tag Manager to see When someone clicks on a button to leave your site How long someone watches a video on your site When someone clicks on your phone # to start calling The entire sales (eCommerce) funnel actions
  • How do I install Tag Manager to my website?
    Start by visiting You will need to create a new account, use this video to see how CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Choose your website platform to view the instructions WordPress Wix SquareSpace Shopify
  • What is Google Tag Manager?
    Google Tag Manager is a tool offered by Google which enables you to manage various tracking codes (marketing tags, analytics tags) and other code snippets on your website/web app/mobile app. Here are several examples of tags that can be deployed via GTM: Google Analytics tracking code (Pageview Tag) Google Analytics Event Facebook Pixel code Google Adwords Conversion Code Snippet A code snippet of your email marketing tool which displays a popup, etc. Source:
  • How to get more YouTube Subscribers?
    Here are a few tips to getting more subscribes to your YouTube channel Branding Watermark + Subscribe Button Focus on Quality... Not Quantity Write a Compelling Channel Description Make a Channel Trailer » Promote Videos in your End Screen Funnel People to "Subscriber Magnets" Embed YouTube Videos in Blog Posts End Videos with a Strong CTA (call to action statement) Source:
  • What Is YouTube SEO?
    YouTube is its own search engine with its own SEO ranking algorithm. YouTube SEO is the process of improving your channel, video content and other on-platform assets to appear in YouTube search results. YouTube content will also rank in Google search results – but only if it’s optimized correctly for YouTube! If you want to succeed with YouTube marketing, in-platform SEO should be prioritized first. Source:
  • How long should the video ad be?
    10-30 seconds.
  • What is YouTube?
    YouTube is an online video platform owned by Google. In total, users watch more than one billion hours of YouTube videos each day, and hundreds of hours of video content are uploaded to YouTube servers every minute. It was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Source:
  • What is Local Services Ads?
    Local Services Ads helps you gain new local jobs by serving well-placed ads when potential customers search for your services. We make it easy for you to control your budget, let customers get in touch with you, and leave reviews. Additionally, when you sign up for Local Services Ads, you build trust online with customers by becoming a Google Guaranteed business. AKA: "Google Guaranteed" Source:
  • What type of businesses can use Local Services Ads?
    Air Duct Cleaner Appliance Repair Architect Lawyer Car Repair Carpenter Carpet Cleaning Chiropractor Countertop Pro Electrician Event Planner Fencing Pro Financial Planner Flooring Pro Foundation Pro Garage Door Pro House Cleaner HVAC Interior Designer Junk Removal Landscaper Lawn Care Locksmith Mover Pest Control Pet Boarding Pet Grooming Photographer Plumber Real Estate Agent Roofer Siding Pro Tax Specialist Tree Service Tutor Water Damage Window Cleaner Window Repair Windshield Repair Pro
  • How do I get started with Local Services Ads?
    Start by visiting You will need to create a new account, use this video to see how CLICK TO WATCH VIDEO Once your account is created you will need to complete the input of your business information and complete a Background Check and upload your General Liability Insurance Policy document. The insurance policy must be the current date and year. The approval process takes 2-3 weeks
  • What does a Google Local Services Ads listing look like?
  • What is the qualification criteria to advertise on Local Services Ads?
    1. You need to have a business that on the list of approved industries. 2. Create a Local Services Ads account 3. Complete an Owner's Background Check 4. Upload your Business License & General Liability Insurance Policy
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