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Local Services Ads

Local Services Ads is a pay-per-lead advertising strategy showcasing approved industries with listings above all other ads on Google.

It would be best if you jumped through a few hoops to get approved to use Google Local Services Ads. But your listing will be shown at the very top of Google and focus on your Google reviews. 

How do Local Services Ads work?

Other pay-per-lead platforms, like Yelp, Angie's List, or Home Advisor. But the problem is that those websites give you a lead they already gave to a handful of your local competitors. With Local Services Ads by Google, you will receive a phone call from a customer directly and have a recording of the call to determine if they booked an appointment or ended up not working out.

Results on the first page of a Google search get over 90% of the searchers’ clicks and business. 


Once your account is created, you will need to undergo an owner background check, show proof of General Liability insurance, and possibly fulfill other requirements according to your industry.​ Now you can get new quality calls for your services and mark each call as booked or not booked. 


What is the difference between Google Local Services Ads from Google Ads?

  • Local Services Ads is a Pay-Per-Lead bidding strategy, whereas Google Ads is Pay-Per-Click.

  • Local Services are shown above all ads on Google Search

  • Your Reviews and Star Rating are the big factors in Local Services Ads

  • Local Services is only approved for the industries listed above; Google Ads can be used for any industry

Are you already using Google Local Services Ads?  If you aren’t getting the most out of it, contact us, and we’ll show you how to use Local Services ads to connect with your local customers.

What the ads look like

Below you can see an example of what Local Services Ads look like on Google Search.

Local Services Ads - KaeRae Marketing.webp

Learn More About Local Services Ads

Learn the ins and outs of using Google Workspace to your advantage. Master the tools Google offers and see how it makes business simpler.​  Read more about the ins and outs of managing Google for your business.  

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