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Google Guaranteed


These advertisements stand out as the top choice in the advertising landscape. They prominently appear above other ads on Google Search, ensuring maximum visibility. Moreover, these ads exclusively generate calls or messages, streamlining communication with potential clients.

You can assess the quality of each call by updating its status after reviewing the recording. This feature enables you to determine whether the lead is qualified.

The bidding strategy for these ads is based on a cost-per-lead model. This means you only incur costs for the calls that result in actual jobs. Furthermore, you can dispute leads that fall outside your offered services or service area, ensuring cost-effectiveness and relevance.

So where are these ads?

Here’s let me show you, right on Google Search.

Screenshot 2024-04-25 at 6.52.48 PM.png

Let me Explain the Process

You will need to create a new Local Services Ads account with Gmail. 

The verification process includes a background check for the owner and customer-interacting employees.

The requested documents will be a General Liability Insurance Policy and a license document for some industries.

Additionally, you will need to sync your Google Business profile with your Local Services account.

Only Available to Specific Industries

Are you in one of the approved business industires below?

Local Services Ads Industries_edited.jpg

I can help you set up your account

If you are looking to get new exposure for your business and generate new calls from Google.

Let's set up your account and begin the verification process, it typically takes 3-4 weeks.

You will be required to update the lead status to only pay for qualified leads

The Local Services Ads account set up fee is a payment of $550.

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