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Tag Manager

Tags are made up of pieces of code.  They function as another information-collecting tool and send data to third parties.  Mastering Google Tag Manager can turn an idea for a marketing strategy into the makings of a solid, actionable plan.  

Google Tag Manager was made for you if you have a website, especially an eCommerce site.  Google Tag Manager tracks many aspects of user interaction from the first impression to the bottom/end of the sales funnel. 

Reasons to Track Conversions

Google Tag Manager opens up your business’s online activity trackers to reveal the endless potential for reaching markets with strong buying power. ​You get full use of the Google marketing product array by adding Tag Manager to your online marketing toolbox. Another great thing about Google Tag Manager is that you can alter, add, and disable any tag you want without changing your website’s source code. 


Here are a few things you can use tags for:

Tag Manager Source of Traffic - KaeRae Marketing

Tag Manager Containers

The ability to upload containers into Tag Manager with the specific tag settings

ready to plug and play with your accounts. 

How many people visiting your website

Keep Learning about Google Tag Manager

Learn the ins and outs of using Google Tag Manager to your advantage. Master the tools Google offers and see the results in real time.​  Read more about the ins and outs of managing Google for your business.  

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