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What is Google Ads Tutorial

There are two ways to the top of Google.

  1. SEO: Search Engine Optimization - also known as organic traffic

  2. Google Ads: Paid Ads

SEO is how Google reads your website and understands what keywords

to rank your pages for. The more content related to that keyword, the

higher your credibility and rank. This takes time and effort, creating new

content consistently. From start to page one, this strategy can be 3-6 months

minimum with a strong plan.

Google Ads is a much faster solution; with this, there is a cost.

It is per click. You have possibly heard of CPC, which is “cost-per-click.”

The strategy you need with Google ads is targeting your ads very specifically.

Targeting your ads can be done under many different parameters,

geographic location, the device the user is searching on, specific keywords

Or focusing on generating calls or web traffic, and more.

The benefit of targeting specifically is that your budget is focused

on the ideal audience, you work with.

The components for Google Ads are Keywords > Ads > Landing Pages

The more focused the content is on each of your

keywords, the better the campaign will perform.

We set goals to understand the expectations

of the Google Ads campaign.

We need to know how many leads you are

currently getting monthly. And where they typically come from. Then how many new leads would you like each month?

We will determine your campaign's

recommended monthly ad spend budget based on your goals.

But You ultimately decide the budget.

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