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What is Organic Traffic?

The biggest confusion in digital marketing is SEO; what is that?!

Let me break it down for your barney style. And then, I will tell you how to review your website's organic ranking on Google Search Console.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means it is how the search engines read your website to understand what your business is about. The algorithms will scan your site constantly to find out what search keywords your site should rank for.

Note: Sometimes, if your website SEO tags are not set up properly, you could organically rank for keywords unrelated to your business. This could cause an increase in unwanted traffic; those users are looking for something else.

Getting Search Console verified for your website can share your keyword ranking and website page organic ranking results. This free tool can give you a big insight into your SEO standing.

First, you will need to verify your domain property; for this, you will need access to your website's backend. A verification code will be provided; follow the instructions to add it to your website.

Once you have verified your website, wait 30 days. You can check back to see that data has started to collect.

Use the Performance tab on the left to see what keywords your website is ranking for.

Click on the Average Position box at the top to see your site's average position ranking.

I recommend a few ongoing SEO steps to my clients that they can do themselves.

Start writing a blog post monthly (or weekly if you can) -- focus on a specific keyword so that the impressions are strong and your average position is above 10.

Compress your images -- try to make your images as small of a file size as possible. Use this free online compressor ( and then re-upload your image.

Mobile-Friendly -- check how well your website looks on mobile devices. This is how 55% of all web traffic is done on a cell phone.

Specific Service Pages -- have a separate page for each of your services, and go into detail about each service you offer. This helps Google better understand your business and keywords.

Get more traffic to your website -- develop a diversified marketing plan to get traffic from many platforms and mediums.


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