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Search Console

You could use hundreds of SEO tools to get information about your online presence.  You’ll find different metrics depending on which ones you use, which influences the data and the output.  Some are paid, and some are free.  It’s hard to know what to choose to get the best results/performance.  

Google Search Console closely analyzes site traffic and lets you get creative with your ad copy and market flexibility.  This helps you plan your marketing strategy into an effective battle plan to get ahead of your competition. 

What you can learn from Search Console

What search terms are being used to find you organically

If people use those search terms but click on someone else’s site

What position your page ranks in, and whether it is consistent

What keywords you’re ranking for, and in what position

Ideas for new keywords to pursue

All About Organic Traffic

What can you accomplish by using Google Search Console?  We’ll show you how to:

Find your best-performing keywords

Keep Learning about Search Console

Learn the ins and outs of using Search Console to your advantage. Master the tools Google offers and see the results in real time.​  Read more about the ins and outs of managing Google for your business.  

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