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YouTube is a fantastic platform for online advertising.  Video marketing on YouTube is an effective method that millions of businesses use to get their message to their target market.  

YouTube is the 2nd most visited site on the Internet with over 2 billion users per month.  How about some more reasons why your business can increase its ad reach using YouTube ads?

  • Over 30 million people use YouTube every day.  

  • Over 1 billion YouTube videos are watched on non-mobile devices every day.  

  • Over 1 billion YouTube videos are watched on mobile devices every day.  

  • YouTube has paid out over $2 billion to ad partners. 

Types of Video Formats

Creating a professional and compelling video for your ad is key, and with a little guidance, you can quickly see the return on investment.​ Video ads are engaging and work quickly on the human brain.  Our attention is naturally drawn to movement, speech, and music.  ​It’s important to be proactive, creative and focused with video marketing.  A video ad has to get the viewer’s attention, educate, and attract.  Take advantage of the fact that new content is constantly being made, making new ad real estate. 

What you can do with YouTube Ads

Running a YouTube video ad campaign differs from running a PPC (pay-per-click) or paid social media campaign.  The Google marketing platform lets you seamlessly integrate your video ads into your marketing strategy.

A video ad can be used across multiple platforms.  Content is easily adjustable according to format.  You can use tools like audio, captions, autoplay, and music to your advantage.  When making a YouTube video ad, include your business branding, tagline, and best ways to contact you in the first 5 seconds.  

YouTube video ads are also cost-effective, costing an average of a few cents per click. 

Track your audience based on the videos they watch

Keep Learning about YouTube

Learn the ins and outs of using YouTube to your advantage. Master the tools Google offers and see the results in real time.​  Read more about the ins and outs of managing Google for your business.  

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