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Don’t Lose Your Google Analytics Data

Update to GA4 and continue tracking your website’s performance


Hold up, what’s happening to Google Analytics?

You already know Google Analytics is an extremely important tool for tracking the performance of your website. Google Analytics has gone through a few iterations over the years, but the changes have been minor and required little to no “to-do’s” on your end.

But with the latest iteration dubbed GA4, Google will delete all past Universal Analytics accounts and data.

Switching is required…eventually, your old version of Google Analytics will stop working (if it hasn’t already.)

Make sure you set up your account correctly and can continue to track your website performance accurately!

Get help updating to GA4

If you don’t consider yourself tech-savvy or you don’t have time to do the updates yourself, don’t worry!

KaeRae Marketing can make the switch for you for a small fee.

Here’s what to expect:

Sign m up for GA4

Sign me up for GA4

By signing up you are interested in KaeRae Marketing reaching out for the process of updating your Google Universal Analytics account to a GA4.

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