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My Packages

Providing Everything You Need to Embrace Google for Your Business


Accepting New Clients

Google Tools Set Up

To rank at the top of Google means you must play by Google's rules. This package will get you completely set up with Google and start to see your website performance.

Google Audit

You'll see all your data in one comprehensive report--no digging required! The report will examine all components of your digital presence. We'll quickly be able to identify patterns, strengths, weaknesses, ROI, and much more.


Accepting New Clients


Accepting New Clients

Google Ads


The definitive, tailor-made, and precise strategy generates quality leads for my clients consistently. Using a variety of types of ads that fit your business goals & budget.

For business that are B2C, and eCommerce.

SEO Update

Your SEO tags are crucial to your online ranking and reach opportunities for your business. Then you can build on your SEO ranking as you continue to analyze and add more content to your site.


Not Accepting New Clients


Accepting New Clients

Website Design

Create a unique and powerful statement with a Wix Website Design.  Developing an authentic experience of your business that is available 24/7.  Bring more engagement and conversion strategies. 

Google Ad Grants

Google Ad Grants give qualified nonprofits a $10,000 monthly credit for free advertising on Google Search results pages. Qualifying nonprofits can receive a credit up to $10,000 per month for Google Search Ads. When someone is searching for a nonprofit like yours, make sure that they arrive at your website and not another organization’s website.


Accepting New Clients




There are so many questions that can come up with it comes to business marketing. I offer to consult and report analysis (and explain) for any marketing strategy you are using.

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