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What is ClickUp?

Does your business have a specific process to ensure the customer or client gets everything included in the service offering?

Do you need to check in with your team often to find out what they have done or still have left to do?

Click Up is an excellent and detailed project management tool.

This tool doesn’t have a free version, but if your business process has many tasks and details to keep your team on the same page, consider this tool.

Automation has been a fast-growing focus for businesses. This allows the business owner to spend time on the more important tasks, delegate to others, or set up automation.

Click Up integrates well with Zapier and can create automation triggers that will save you time changing directions for something simple.

Many integrations can be triggered; the connection to Google Drive can be beneficial in the documentation and saving agreements to the correct folder assigned to the client.

The endless opportunities to save time with automation can be customized to your business. But it all starts with a process you can follow and ensure your team follows.

ClickUp - KaeRae Marketing


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