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Are you looking for a Google Guide?

Do you have a Google guide? That person can help you along the way to figuring out Google.

You may be brand new into having your own business. And have a lot of things on your mind. And marketing is one of the most overwhelming.

Marketing is the thing that helps your business get more customers. Most business put this as a low priority. Because it can be expensive.

But not if you have a Google guide like me. I can hold your hand as you get your business to become friends with Google.

Face it, with over 8.5 billion searches done on Google every day. This is where your marketing focus should be.

I have an event that is coming up. Where we are staring at the foundation of your marketing on Google: that is your keywords.

Can’t be found if you don’t know what they are searching for. Let’s discover your keywords together.

Access the Discover Your Keywords exercise to figure out your customer's search terms.


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