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Google Ads Keyword Planner

Updated: Mar 14, 2021

The Keyword Planner is a powerful tool to use to develop a strong keyword list for your business.

When starting your keyword list, think like your customer. Remember that first-time customers will not be familiar with the industry lingo you might use on a regular basis. Get into the mind of your ideal customer and start your keyword list there.

Pro Tip: misspelled keywords can expand your ad reach. Many people will misspell a word and not correct it before pressing 'enter'.

Keyword List - KaeRae Marketing
Keyword List - KaeRae Marketing

You will continue to add and remove from your keyword list. I recommend analyzing your keywords every quarter. There will be search queries that get better traffic than others, and some keywords might not get any traffic at all. You will be able to focus on the keywords that really matter.

The Keyword Planner is available in Google Ads. This tool can help find new keyword ideas and see the competition level for specific geographic areas. The bid estimates can be helpful when you begin to search for top keywords.

The estimated cost per click is to determine how much you will need to bid to get your ad to the top of Google for the specific keyword search.

Choosing a Google Ads bidding strategy can be a challenge, this post will share the bidding options.

To use the Google Ads Keyword Planner start by visiting, ads.google.com. To create a new account.

Click on Tools & Settings at the top then Keyword Planning under the first column, Planning dropdown menu.

Keywords - Keyword Planner

If you plan to use Google Ads for excellent results, you should consider trusting an expert to manage your campaigns for you. The keyword planner is just the tip of the iceberg of Google Ads.

This is what the Keyword Planner looks like.

Keywords - Keyword Planner
Keywords - Keyword Planner

Start by entering in your first few keywords to get Google started. And select the geographic area to show the bidding competition for. Lastly, enter your website URL.

There is another option to use in Keyword Planner. By scanning your website. Simply put in any specific page of your website to have Google scan the page looking for keyword ideas.