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How much do Keywords cost?

You have heard me talk about keywords. They are the language your customers searches into Google.

Once you know what keywords are important and popular to search. You will need to do some keyword research.

That sounds heavy, but really, it is to find out how to prioritize your keywords based on how many searches and how competitive they are.

When considering using Google ads there are costs for each keyword.

You might ask, how much does a keyword cost.

With Google Ads, there is a cost per click. There will be a range that a click can cost based on how competitive a word is.

Using the Google ads keyword planner will tell you how much the keyword would cost.

Each keyword and each industry has different estimates.

To satisfy the need you have to know, a cost could be $1 to $15 per click. But there are some very competitive industries that can average over $20 per click.

But the focus should be to target specific keywords that will bring you customers to be worth the cost.


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