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How To: share access to Google Business

My name is Kelsey Flannery, and I own KaeRae Marketing, which helps businesses use Google tools to dominate their competition on Google. In this video, I will show you how to share access to your Google Business Listing with someone else. This is also known as your Google My Business listing.

Start by going to, then click on Manage now. You'll be brought to your Google Business Listing.

And you'll notice that you will see these metrics and these options if you have access to them. If you do not see any of this information, you cannot access your Google listing, or it has not been created. And there are other videos available on to find out how to set that up properly.

Next, you're going to go to the three dots.

There are Business Profile Settings.

Click on managers, and this is where you can click Add and type in the email address. If you want to share this information or account with carry marketing, you will invite and Please invite both as a manager, and you can see the difference between what an owner can do and what a manager is allowed to do. click Invite, And you will see them listed here and what their access level is.

If you have any questions please reach out to us. Thank you.


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