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What is Google Tag Manager?

What is Google Tag Manager and how can it benefit your business’s marketing?

Hi! My name is Kelsey, entrepreneur and Google Certified Expert. Today we’re going to discuss Google Tag Manager or GTM.

This is a completely free tool from Google that lets you manage tags on your website tags without needing to edit the code. Codes are sometimes referred to as pixels and are designed to track the actions of users and collect that information.

Using Google Tag Manager, you can efficiently deploy and update various tags like conversion tracking, analytics, or remarketing, without relying on a developer.

Even though Google’s website states that tags are “easy to use” I’d add a caveat—they’re easy to use IF you have a technical background. That’s because tags aren’t for beginners. So if you’ve tried to use them and gotten frustrated, you’re not alone.

Before jumping into Google Tags, you need to have an understanding of how Facebook pixels work, what “events” are, and how to use Google Analytics.

Need help understanding and navigating Google Tags? Don’t miss my free workshop on Google My Business.


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