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Are Google Ads Good for Small Businesses?

Are Google Ads good for small businesses? The answer might surprise you!

Hi! My name is Kelsey, and I am an entrepreneur and Google Certified Expert. Today, we’re going to discuss Google Ads for small businesses.

So, are Google Ads good for small businesses?

In short, yes, Google Ads can be a great strategy for small businesses. So why do they have a bad rap?

Most small businesses simply don’t have the resources to run Google effectively. As a result, the ads cost them a lot of money, which can lead small business owners to think that Google Ads don’t work for them.

But that’s not actually true!

Google Ads can be complicated—it’s not a beginner’s marketing strategy. They also require a fair amount of review and follow-up. And since time isn’t something that many small business owners have a lot of, this can tank their results.

For small businesses willing to invest in help running their Google Ads, there are a lot of benefits like immediate visibility, which can mean an influx of potential customers quickly. Let’s not forget that Google Ads also provides users with measurable results, making it easy to know if this marketing platform works for you.

Need help deciding if Google Ads are a good strategy for your business? Take the quiz!


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