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What is Search Console?

Google Search Console is a tool Google offers to websites that look to improve their organic ranking and tracking.

This tool is straightforward to set up; you must verify your domain and website within Search Console.

Get started by going to and enter in your domain.

Follow Google's instructions to verify that you are the domain owner.

You will be able to access the search queries that your website is currently ranking for, the average position you are ranking, and how many clicks and impressions your site has gotten organically.

The importance of this information is to improve and refine your SEO tags and strategy for your website.

You might find that the keywords you rank for are irrelevant to your business or website. That is because there is a page on your website where Google can see that phrase as being a keyword for you.

Look at the pages you have indexed with Search Console to clean up the pages you do not want a potential customer to find. Also, remove any pages that are removed or a 404 error page. This could damage your reputation with Google and a potential visitor.

This tool can provide the best insight into where you are being seen on Google.

Continue to analyze the keywords you rank for and add new content to start ranking for keywords you want to see improved rank from.


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